Omega Pharma Invest was created on 20 December 1989 under the name Couckinvest NV. It was conceived as the investment vehicle of Mr. Marc Coucke, founder of Omega Pharma NV. Initially, Couckinvest mainly held shares of Omega Pharma. Later, in 2007, when the business-to-business division of Omega Pharma was carved-out and separately listed under the name Arseus NV, Couckinvest also held a significant number of shares of the latter company.

On 2 September 2011, Couckinvest launched a voluntary and conditional public takeover bid on all shares and warrants issued by Omega Pharma NV and not yet owned by Couckinvest or Omega Pharma. Anticipating the actual bid, Couckinvest was split on 13 September 2011, pursuant to which all shares in Omega Pharma remained in Couckinvest and all other participations and activities were transferred to another company of Mr. Coucke, Mylecke Management, Art & Invest NV. Couckinvest financed the bid with a bank loan and a capital injection provided by Holdco I BE NV, with whom Couckinvest was acting in concert in the context of this bid together with Alychlo NV.

On 12 October 2012, the name of Couckinvest NV was changed into Omega Pharma Invest NV, which better reflects the corporate purpose of the company.

Since the launch of the aforementioned takeover bid , four capital increases for a combined total of over EUR 424 million have taken place at Omega Pharma Invest. Pursuant to the above mentioned capital increases, Holdco I BE now holds a participation of 47.48% in Omega Pharma Invest NV. Alychlo NV owns (directly and indirectly) 46.74% of the shares in Omega Pharma Invest and is controlled by Mr. Marc Coucke. The remainder (1.55 per cent) is held by members of management (of which 0.73% is heald by Alychlo NV).

In November 2012, Omega Pharma Invest launched a Retail Bond on 5 years and raised EUR 300 million. Since 12 December 2012 (the issue date), these bonds are listed on the Luxembourg Stock Exchange. More information about the bonds.